Learn How Much Your Used Bitcoin Mining ASICs are Worth


Curious how much you can get for your used Bitcoin mining ASICs? The answer is that it depends on where you are selling it, what exactly you are selling, and how willing you are to put in some work. If you are like many Bitcoin miners, when you started you bought the best and brightest machines to mine your cryptocurrency of choice quickly.


However, machines can become obsolete or less efficient as time goes on, leading miners to sell their used miners to grab the newest and best miners on the market.


Sell Parts of the Machine to Computer Lovers


Some miners on the market offer excellent components which can be sold one by one to different people online or off to outfit their own miners or computers. If you don’t mind the trouble of breaking down your Bitcoin mining ASIC, some of the parts might go for a larger amount than the entire machine would if you sold it as one piece. However, it’s important to do your research and find out if that is the case or you might lose out on profits.


Forum Goers Will Pay Plenty for Used Gear


Are you a part of any cryptocurrency forums? Many of them offer a space to sell your old gear and people are willing to part with large amounts of money for a machine that will work well. General computer forums can also be a selling spot, but you typically will make less money going through this avenue. Forums tend to be community spaces where those new to mining go to get their miners for a low price. If you aren’t having luck selling elsewhere, this is a great option.


Hit Up eBay to Make Some Cash


Want to make selling your miners quick and easy? Many people make a good amount selling both new and used Bitcoin mining ASICs on eBay and other online auction sites. A quick look at the top auction website shows ASIC miners going for anywhere from under $50 to hundreds of dollars depending on the model. It might take a little work to make up a listing that will get the miners to fly out of your hands, but it’s far less work than breaking down a machine and selling it that way.


Other Options for Selling


Craigslist can be another avenue for selling your old ASIC miners or mining hardware brokers, but make sure you are in-depth about what is for sale. List all the information about the brand, model, and the specifications for the best results. The amount you can make is going to depend on who sees your ads and what you have offered. Showing it in the best light is key to making the cash you want selling a user ASIC Bitcoin miner.


The truth is that prices vary to a huge degree for both new and used miners, so saying how much yours is worth is difficult. However, if it’s a model that was once in demand, it’s likely someone out there wants it and is willing to pay to get it.