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Bitcoin Mining Colocation

We help Bitcoin miners get affordable mining hosting across the world.

Bitcoin Colocation Quotes

    Get Bitcoin mining colocation quotes from Bitcoin miner friendly data centers across the southwest USA.  We have partners that provide competitive power rates, secure 24/7 remote and physical access as well as deals for 10,50,50,100 and 100+ ASIC miners or GPU mining rigs.

    Bitcoin Mining Colocation

    Cyrptocurrency Mining Hosting for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash

    At Mining Colocation, we specialize in providing hosting for all cryptocurrency miners. No matter what coin you’re mining, our service is for you. All you need to do is provide us with your mining units, power supply unit and their power cables. Once we receive your equipment at one of our mining facilities, we’ll take care of everything else for you.

    Your setup will include the configuration of your miner units to connect them to the Internet and ensure they have adequate cooling, a static IP address with a dedicated firewall and an OpenVPN server with private IPv4 subnet. All of our customers have access to a dashboard where they can view their power consumption and configure their miners to connect to a mining pool of their choice.

    Full Support Services

    In order to help you keep your mining operation running efficiently, we provide you with a full range of support services. They include remote hands (reset and power cycling of your mining equipment) and hardware replacement. Should one of your mining rigs or PSUs fail, you can simply ship us another unit and we’ll quickly swap it out for you so that you can continue mining.

    We also provide professional mining colocation support at an additional cost. This includes any task that requires us to access your hardware or private network to troubleshoot a problem.

    Advantages of Using Mining Colocation

    • Secure Facility With Enough Space for Your Mining Needs

    You can rest easy knowing that your hardware is safe in our facilities. We have a comprehensive security system with around the clock CCTV monitoring. Our company also has full insurance, which covers your equipment. Whether you have one miner of more than a dozen, we have plenty of space to host your gear.

    • A Datacenter Built for Crypto Mining

    Our datacenters have been specially designed with the needs of cryptocurrency miners in mind. We have high-speed fiber connectivity, the most efficient cooling systems and highly reliable 208v power feeds. We guarantee service uptime and stand by our commitment to providing you with the most reliable hosting service possible.

    • An Experienced Team Keeping Everything Running

    We have a team of experienced technicians monitoring our operations around the clock, with on-site and 24/7 emergency maintenance crews. When you submit a support ticket, you can expect to get a response in one hour or less.